Bill O’Reilly gets his own books banned

Loofah king Bill O’Reilly, too stupid and offensive even for the standards of Fox News, is back in the FAFO news.

Billo was a vocal champion of the censorship law signed by fellow mental defective Ron DeSantis. Florida bill HB1069 permits the censorship of books under the guise of protecting children from sexual perverts. Although the bill’s real intent is to prevent anyone from teaching concepts like inclusion and tolerance, it seems the bill has done some good after all by snagging a genuine pervert in its net, albeit inadvertently.

O’Reilly has been a big fan of the bill, which has banned such scary books as Anne Frank’s diary and the autobiography of Malcolm X. Billo expressed no concern about books caught in the net because there are “far-left progressive people trying to impose an agenda on children, there’s no doubt about it” and “there was abuse going on in Florida”.

O’Reilly is no stranger to abuse, having settled a $32 million sexual harassment claim and being forced off the air in 2017, so it seems fitting that two of O’Reilly’s books, “Killing Jesus: A History”, and “Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault that Changed a Presidency”, were among 1600 books banned under the Florida bill.

Billo is now outraged about the Florida law, although only with regard to his own income stream. “That law needs to be tightened up. DeSantis needs to come out publicly and say, ‘this is insane, we’re not going to cooperate with this and we’re going to investigate the people who did it.'”

It’s shocking… SHOCKING!… that a book ban could go wrong.

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Famed Member
4 months ago

Bill O’Reilly: “Ban all the books except mine!”

x-ray Mike
Noble Member
x-ray Mike(@x-ray-mike)
4 months ago

Book burning next?

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