List of things worshipped by stupid people

The American flag

Donald Trump

Police officers

When I say “worshipping”, I do not mean “admiring” or “respecting”. “Worshipping” means placing a person, occupation, thing or symbol so high that you cannot acknowledge any imperfections, and you rant and rave like a lunatic in response to any criticism of that object of your worship.

I appreciate the work of honest and dedicated police officers. However, I acknowledge the fact that there are also quite a few sadists, racists and bullies who are police officers. If I want the bad cops to be held accountable, it does not mean that I’m against all cops. Why do cop worshippers find that so hard to understand???? (Moronic bumper sticker: “I support the protectors, not the protesters”)

And the American flag in recent decades has evolved into a disguise. The people who oppose democracy, equality and basic principals of freedom display the biggest American flags because they’re disguising themselves as patriots! And impressionable people fall for it because they’ve been led to believe that American patriotism begins and ends with a mass-produced piece of cloth!

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Noble Member
8 months ago

I would never display the union flag. In my mind, it’s associated with imperialism, colonialism, and in recent years, has been co-opted by the extreme right wing.
But I would display the EU flag, my neighbours would “love” that !🤣🤣

Noble Member
8 months ago

😂They worship police officers when they’re not trying to run them through with flagpoles on 1/6.

Football coaches
Idealized versions of history
Jesus riding dinosaurs.
Beer except Bud Light, which was taken away from them, lol

Famed Member
8 months ago

I provided a two-fer for your primary image.

Noble Member
8 months ago

And the vast majority of those American flags are made in China. Lol

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