FAFO Denial: Rudy Slapped by Ruby 148 Million Times

Please sing along with me for America’s Mayor to the tune of (Ruby) Don’t Take Your Love to Town. If you don’t remember the tune, visit the video down below.

Rudy, Don’t Take Your Love to Town

You’ve painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair
Rudy, are you contemplating going out somewhere?
Ruby Freeman’s lawyer tells me you are going down

Oh, Rudy
Don’t take your love to town

It was you not me that started that old crazed election war
But I was proud to go and do my patriotic chore
And yes, it’s Truth Social that’s where I want to be

Oh, Rudy
I still need your company

It’s hard to love a man whose mind is bent and paralyzed
And the wants and the needs of a man of your age, Rudy, I realize
But it won’t be long I’ve heard them say ’til jailbait’s not around

Oh, Rudy
Don’t take your love to town

He’s leaving now ’cause the jury slammed him to the floor
140 some odd million times till Rudy has to whore
He’ll be paying Ruby Freeman ’til they put him in the ground

Oh, Ruby
Don’t take my Rudy down

Oh, Rudy
For God’s sakes turn around


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x-ray Mike
Noble Member
x-ray Mike(@x-ray-mike)
5 months ago

Sissylue: Regular news sucks. Sometimes there is a good story about a dog, but otherwise it’s all about crap politics and genocide. Oh yeah, if you read the Guardian, there is a section on the climate catastrophe.

Active Member
6 months ago

Being overwhelmed with Christmas tasks and events I haven’t done a good job keeping up with either regular news or social media but when I did check in on FB this morning I saw a random post that simply stated “I guess he’ll now be known as Rudy “FAFO” Giuliani”. Just that and nothing more. But the FAFO made me think of everyone here so I headed on over to check FAFO out next.

Erstwhile Lurker
Active Member
Erstwhile Lurker(@erstwhile-lurker)
6 months ago

Most excellent sir!!!

Avery Voyeur
Noble Member
Avery Voyeur(@avery-voyeur)
6 months ago

Well done JGorn and Epic Eric.

Ok, here is my attempt, to the tune of Ruby Baby by Dion.

Ah now I know a guy and Rudy is his name
Rudy Rudy Rudy’s crazy
He lied about two women and he should be ashamed
Rudy Rudy Rudy’s crazy

Whoa oh oh oh Rudy,  Rudy,  your lies will haunt ya
If you don’t pay then the cops will want ya
Rudy Rudy why’d ya lose your mind
Rudy Rudy Rudy’s crazy

Each time I see you I can’t believe my eyes
Rudy Rudy Rudy’s crazy
The hair dye leaking, the farting, and all those lies
Rudy Rudy Rudy’s crazy

Whoa oh oh oh you lost your mind and your money too
You’ll soon find out that your friends are few
Rudy Rudy why’d you have to lie
Bound to catch up to you sometime

Epic Eric A.C.
Active Member
Epic Eric A.C.(@epic-eric-a-c)
6 months ago

Excellent, JGorn! A few more potential Rudy lampooning tunes come to mind:

Goodbye, Rudy Tuesday
Who could hang such shame on you?
When you lie with every new day
No one’s gonna miss you… (Stones)

We hear you’re leaving, that’s okay
I thought our little wild time had just begun
I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and fart
But if you have a change of heart
Rudy don’t lose that number
It’s the only one you own… (Steely Dan)

Rudy’s on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line
He don’t want to get there, but he needs time
He ain’t sophisticated, nor well-educated
After all the hours he wasted, still he needs time
Now he’s just come out the courthouse
Numb of all the pain
Sad but in a while he’ll soon be
Back on his train… (Supertramp)

Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
A wop bop a loo bop a lot fuck you
I got a gal, named Shaye, she’s gonna make you pay
I got a gal, named Shaye, she fucked you yesterday
She fucked you to the East, she fucked you to the West
She’s the gal that I love best… (Little Richard)

Last edited 6 months ago by Epic Eric A.C.
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