One can’t help but notice…

One can’t help but notice that there is very little posting about Anti-vaxxers as contrasted with News about the looming election (which is quite understandable) but I ran across a post on a social media site where the discussion was about blocking or deleting posters who were acquaintances, friends or even family member because of their politics or Covid vaccine status. People pretty much decided the politics was a deal breaker but some maintained that with respect to Anti-vaxxers it was better to keep these people in your loop in the hope that your logic and calm well reasoned posts would work an eventual miracle. One lady (a stranger to me) had this response “Joo multa lähti myös pari hörhöä.karmeeta paskaa suoltivat” My colloquial Finnish is non-existent but I think she is roughly saying “Yeah those people are like blisters on your foot, they swallowed some toxic shit, just pop ’em” I think she pretty cheerfully blocked all those blisters full of toxic shit (metaphorically speaking). My translation could be totally wrong.

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12 days ago

For what it’s worth, here is the Google Translate translation: “Yes, there were also a couple of scumbags. They gutted some nasty shit” 😂

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