Anti-vaxx flashback Friday installment #1 Lori Kaylor

Remembering a wonderful couple Lori C Kaylor & Harold A Kaylor from Huntington WV. She was a cashier at McDonalds and was the bread winner. You couldn’t say they were anti-vaxxers, more like victims of that sinister campaign of lies and untruths that would leave many people dead. The propogators of those lies didn’t seem to give a tinker’s damn though. RIP Lori.

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Noble Member
9 months ago

Thanks for the post, Angel.
I too, wonder how poor Harold is getting on in life.
There are so many like him. Easy prey. 😟😟😟

Noble Member
9 months ago

What is going on with this woman’s teeth?! It’s a chicklet-vampire-werewolf combo.

More wine less whine
More wine less whine(@more-wine-less-whine)
9 months ago

I appreciate the flashback, but it made me cry like crazy the first time I read it. I’m gonna pass.

Noble Member
9 months ago

Another reason I despise antivaxxers. They convince poorly educated, marginalized, and disabled people that vaccines are more dangerous to a person’s health than the disease. I feel bad for Harold. He lost the love of his life because she believed cranks.

Great Immunity
Trusted Member
Great Immunity(@great-immunity)
9 months ago

That was a really difficult read and burned in my mind because she seemed like a genuinely nice person. Unlike the a-holes and q-idiots (HHH, Brandy **whatsherface**) who willfully spread lies and hate, Lori was merely vaccine-hesitant from all the conflicting info from social media.

Skin and Bones
Active Member
Skin and Bones(@skin-and-bones)
9 months ago

I remember this story. Very sad indeed. 😥

I wonder what happened to him.

Avery Voyeur
Noble Member
Avery Voyeur(@avery-voyeur)
9 months ago

This one is just so sad.

Thanks Dark.

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