FAFO: From vapist to rapist

Nah, that’s not Jesus. That’s Russell Brand, another hirsute public figure who thinks he’s God’s gift to the world, or at least to women. I suppose some women like this sort of bad boy who loves to bully and subdue females and probably has B.O. and bad breath to go along with a charming Brit voice. He’s not a good actor and not very funny, but somehow he managed to make a living on camera while banging everything off camera with an accessible orifice. What’s not to love?

According to the Sunday Times, it seems that four women are accusing Russ of abuse and rape, and while it’s important to not assume guilt, this one does seem to pass the smell test (so to speak). Russ vehemently denies the allegations, his primary defense being that he fucked like a bunny during that decade, but it was all consensual. Perhaps.

Still, the stories are chilling.

One woman interviewed in the investigation claimed Brand raped her against a wall at his home in Los Angeles. Medical records show that she received treatment at a rape crisis center the same day she said the attack happened, according to the Telegraph.

Another woman said Brand “forced his penis down her throat” when he was 31 and she was 16. At the time, she said she was involved in a three-month relationship with the actor she characterized as abusive and controlling.

Brand rose to mainstream fame in the early 2000s as a raunchy comedian who discussed his sex life in lewd detail.

Russ also has the distinction of being backed by mega-billionaire cyborg Elon Musk, and for propagating COVID conspiracy theories:

Perhaps Brand’s most surprising pivot yet, though, has been his shift from left-wing hero to conspiracy peddler. Where once he positioned himself as a truth-teller, these days he trades in fake news, broadcasting live from a shed in Henley to his viewers on the right-wing streaming site Rumble. His YouTube videos have shouty, alarmist titles like “Bill Gates Has Been HIDING This And It’s ALL About To Come Out” or “The FBI Have Been Harvesting Your DNA?!” He has falsely claimed that drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin can be used to treat Covid, is avowedly anti-vax, and has espoused the “Great Reset” theory, which alleges that global elites are using the pandemic to usher in a new world order.

A charming, talented fellow.


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Noble Member
8 months ago

This guy is absolutely disgusting. I’ve only seen him in one movie and that was one too many, his acting, if you can call it that, was atrocious. He has one of those punchable faces.

Noble Member
8 months ago

I’ve loathed this person for years, even before this incident, which confirmed my opinion:


“On 18 October 2008 on The Russell Brand Show

Brand and Jonathan Ross engaged in a series of lewd answerphone messages for then 78-year-old actor Andrew Sachs. This infamously included Ross saying, “He fucked your granddaughter”, a reference to Sachs’ granddaughter Georgina Baillie, who Russell had dated. The comments were broadcast on the pre-recorded show.[88]

After little initial interest, a media story about the calls by the Daily Mail generated a high number of complaints. Brand resigned from the BBC, while Ross was suspended without pay.

The BBC was later fined £150,000 by Britain’s broadcast regulator for airing the calls.[234] On 21 November 2008, the BBC Trust said that the phone calls were a “deplorable intrusion with no editorial justification”.[235]

Andrew Sachs was a lovely, gentle person, and this incident was a blight on his last remaining years.

Jonathon Ross, Brand’s partner-in-crime in this incident, I think is also quite unpleasant.

I’m sorry we exported this seeyounexttuesday to the USA.

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