This seems to have been one of my most popular memes in SAV. I created it a year or two ago and I posted it on SAV a few times. And fellow SAV members RE-POSTED it on several occasions. It’s possibly the only Perlinator meme to have been posted more times by other folks than it had been by me! (I feel honored when I see one of my memes re-posted.)

If anyone wants to ask why I didn’t also include this anti-vaxxer or that anti-vaxxer, I limited the meme to six photos because too many photos would have necessitated making them smaller; and if they had been too small it would be harder to see the details. Less is more! I think six faces of freedumb is adequate to get the point across.

I didn’t include Rod (the jaundiced yellow guy) because at the time I made this meme his story was not on SAV yet.

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Noble Member
8 months ago

To add insult to injury, their hero Trump sees them as losers and “die-ers.”

Noble Member
8 months ago

It’s one of your best anti-vaxxer memes Perl, and I know that I have shared it numerous times with my anti-vaxxer family and friends, and it always pisses them off.

Since it is such a popular meme I think you should do a series of them since there is no shortage of money shots shown on SAV. You can call it, “The Bask in the Glow of Freedom Series”.😉

Noble Member
8 months ago

Arguably, nobody basked in the glow of freedumb quite like Goldenrod. But that’s hyperbilirubinaemia for you.

Noble Member
8 months ago

Awesome. I have seen this so many times on SAV and it always gives me the same feeling. There folks out there that cannot be explained.

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