FAFO: Gramps starts wedding with a bang by giving 2nd Amendment welcome to grandson

From CNN

A grandfather who was officiating a wedding in Nebraska is facing charges after accidentally shooting his 12-year-old grandson during the ceremony, officials said.

Michael Gardner, 62, was officiating the festivities at Hillcrest Events in Denton around 5 p.m. on Saturday when he attempted to shoot a Pietta Model 1860 Snub Nose revolver loaded with a blank into the air to gain the attention of the wedding guests, according to Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Ben Houchin.

Gardner “decided to gain everybody’s attention and start the wedding with a bang,” Houchin said during a news conference Monday.

“When he decided to cock back the hammer of this revolver, it slipped and it shot his grandson into the left shoulder causing an injury,” Houchin said.

The 45 COLT ammunition was a blank, but Gardener “put black powder into the casing and then glued it,” the chief deputy added. “And what we believe, is the glue is what injured the child,” he said.

The boy’s injuries were non-life-threatening, and he was taken to a local hospital before being transferred to Omaha for further treatment, Houchin said.

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Noble Member
9 months ago

He shouldn’t have been pointing it near anyone.

Noble Member
9 months ago

I’d feel sorry for the kid if I weren’t laughing so hard. LMFAO

As always, thank you for posting something that makes me laugh.

Noble Member
9 months ago

He should have tested it first by pointing it at his own head. I’m sure it’s filled with rocks.

Famed Member
9 months ago

I hear the man was given a citation for shooting a grandson out of season. He should have known that grandson season doesn’t start until next week!

Noble Member
9 months ago

Simply cannot make this stuff up.

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