Imbeciles of Manchester

I was in the centre of Manchester (England) yesterday, where I witnessed a small street protest. You can probably guess what it was about. In fact, I had to guess, because the imbeciles didn’t make it easy to tell what they were mad about.

Yes, they had banners up front. No, they weren’t very informative.

“BBC is the virus” = some kind of covidiots?

“Don’t believe the media” = could be about anything.

There were two smaller signs, which were no more help.

“They lied, people died” = who knows?

“We’re not the left or the right, we’re the people at the bottom and we’re coming for the people at the top” = we blame “the elites” for whatever it is.

My first guess was they were antivaxxers, but there were no signs (or shouting) about vaccines. The one anti-vaxx protest I’ve seen was at least obvious. They may have been nuts, but they took the trouble to make themselves clear. As far as I could see, everyone was ignoring them. But at least everyone knew what they were ignoring.

But yesterday’s protest? Who knows? Some covid conspiracy? They were definitely anti-something, but it wasn’t clear what.

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Noble Member
4 months ago

Seems like proud undaunted british culture and tradition continues despite everything! 😆🤣

Famed Member
4 months ago

They are plotting against all of us as we speak!!!! Who are “they”? I can’t tell you!

Conspiracy of THEM.png
Famed Member
4 months ago

Maybe they were Marx Brothers fans, inspired by the song “Whatever It Is, I’m Against It” from “Horse Feathers”.

P.S. That Gary Larson cartoon is an awesome choice for illustrating your post!

Last edited 4 months ago by Perlinator
x-ray Mike
Noble Member
x-ray Mike(@x-ray-mike)
4 months ago

A Monty Python thing?

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