Stupid Canadian

This poem was xittered by Dr Jordan Peterson.

I’m not a xitter user so it’s not letting me copy the whole thing, or maybe he’s just as bad at poetry as he is at clinical psychology.

Did he really treat patients? They should get a refund!

I will not wear
Your bloody mask
I do not care much
For that task

You cannot scare me
With your fears
Or try to shame me
With your tears

I will not fasten
To my face
Or put your rules
Back into place

To hell with you
It’s time for men
To remain free

We will stop you
In the streets
We will fight you
When we meet

We will fight
Your wretched laws
Most permanently
For just cause

We’ve come to hate your
Fake degrees and
We will stop your
Mad decrees

We will not wear those
Damn face rags
We will not bear

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Noble Member
9 months ago

He left the “poem” unfinished. He still has to rhyme rags. Hags. Bags. Gags. Brags. Nags. Stags. Wags.

Noble Member
9 months ago

“For rightwing commentator Melanie Phillips, he is “a kind of secular prophet … in an era of lobotomised conformism”.”

If Melanie Phillips approves, that tells me everything. She’s the BBC’s obligatory resident supercilious bitch.

Lobotomised conformism” hahaha. It’s the right-wing, with their denial of differences, who demand that everone fits their narrow definitions. It’s projection, as usual.

Dark Angel
Famed Member
Dark Angel(@dark-angel)
9 months ago

He’s nuttier than a godamn Christmas cake!

Famed Member
9 months ago

You have a brain just like a mouse
You think a lot like a besotted souse

Don’t pretend you’re Dr. Seuss
I’d rather blow a randy moose

I do not like you here or there
I do not like you anywhere

I do not like you, Doctor Jordan Peter-san
I much prefer green eggs and ham!

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