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Replanting Logged Forests With Diverse Mixtures of Seedlings Accelerates Restoration

Replanting logged forests with a mixture of seedlings significantly accelerates recovery, reports a new study.

“Lead Scientist of the study, Professor Andy Hector (Department of Biology, University of Oxford) said: ‘Our new study demonstrates that replanting logged tropical forests with diverse mixtures of native tree species achieves multiple wins, accelerating the restoration of tree cover, biodiversity, and important ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration.’”

“In turn, a diverse mix of trees can support a much wider range of animal life. For instance, hornbills specifically require large mature trees with holes where the females can nest.”

“Tropical forests cover just 6% of the planet’s land surface but are home to around 80% of the world’s documented species (WWF), and act as major carbon sinks. However, these critical habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate, chiefly due to logging for timber and conversion to palm oil plantations. Between 2004 and 2017, 43 million hectares of tropical forest were lost – an area roughly the size of Morocco (WWF).”


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x-ray Mike
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x-ray Mike(@x-ray-mike)
8 months ago


The Tree Planters’ Waltz

Anyone familiar with The Log Driver’s Waltz will particularly like this.

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8 months ago

Thanks, HOS, good article

And the project’s ongoing monitoring courtesy of the UK Natural Environmental Research Council …. that’s nice. Well Oxford Uni’s got a lot of pull.

I’ve planted trees. Trees are wonderful.

After twenty-five years, even my slower-growing oaks are looking quite mature. And they’ve had babies, their acorns have grown where the jays cache them and forget where they hid them.

My poor trees have suffered from our recent summer drought years, and although this year has been kinder, I can still see abnormalities in some growth. Global warming kills.

Under Bolsonaro, the Amazon forest lost out badly, but Da Silva has improved things. He ought to, named as he is!

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