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Famed Member
19 days ago

Update: Finally testing negative again. The cat lives!

Famed Member
26 days ago

Ha, well as it turns out, I’m once again testing positive. Imagine all that time on SAV, and I’m still learning new things about this virus.

Turns out there is a phenomenon referred to as “Paxlovid Rebound”, although evidence suggests it can happen with or without Paxlovid. It works like this: after the initial bout, and the completion of the 5-day regime of Paxlovid, you feel great. You do a COVID test and it shows negative, so you assume you’re clear. Then, two or three days later, the symptoms reappear, and you test positive again. This rebound tends to be fairly mild.

So, that’s where I am right now, about three days into that. It’s mild – some minor sore throat, some sinus congestion, some minor aches. Basically, the immune system fighting it off. I’d guess I’ll be good my mid week.

Or, that dead cat could be bouncing! You never know!! 😮

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