A Treason of Decency in the Republican Party. 

“The day after Matt Gaetz accused Kevin McCarthy of conspiring with Biden on Ukraine, McCarthy was out of a job. Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP”


“UN finds further evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

A United Nations investigation has found further evidence that Russian forces committed “indiscriminate attacks” and war crimes in Ukraine, including rape and the deportation of children to Russia.

“The collected evidence further shows that Russian authorities have committed the war crimes of wilful killing, torture, rape and other sexual violence, and the deportation of children to the Russian Federation,” a United Nations commission of inquiry on Ukraine said in a report submitted to the UN general assembly.”


Considering this can you imagine that Donald Trump’s America First agenda propelled by far right congressmen is eroding support for Ukraine in the US House? Just when you thought they could not sink lower.

As the Guardian reports:

“Hard-right House Republicans are against Ukraine aid – and they seem to be in charge”:





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Noble Member
7 months ago

I read that second article the other day. It’s disturbing.

The GQP aren’t interested in serious government, but they are interested in supporting Putin.

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