Anti Fox News bumper sticker

I have a bumper sticker on my car with this slogan, which I had custom designed several years ago:

If you want one like it, you can do a Duck Duck Go search* to find web sites that do custom-designed bumper stickers. You can then enter the same text yourself or, if the site allows it, upload the image file above and have it printed.

Of course, I know that one bumper sticker won’t change too many people’s minds, but if the truth about the propaganda outlet that calls itself “Fox News” is seen enough, we can eventually get through to some people. Imagine the impact if the bumper sticker above were to be as widely seen as some of those NRA bumper stickers!


*”Duck Duck Go” is like Google, but it doesn’t track your searches to put customized ads on subsequent sites you visit. And unlike Google, the search results in “Duck Duck Go” are not customized based on your previous searches. When you use “Duck Duck Go” search, it doesn’t know whether you’re a vegetarian or meat-eater, male or female, gay or straight. Six very different people entering the same search term will get the exact same results.

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Noble Member
7 months ago

I think you’re being very generous to Fox “News” there. They aren’t *that* good.

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