Christian values = public groping at a family show?


Watch Boob-hurt’s current boy toy start feeling up her airbags at around 1:50, and her returning the favor by probing his crotch. That’s what you want in a Congressperson, Colorado. Well done. OAN proposed that the kerfluffle was strictly due to liberals in the audience who had targeted the Wicked Witch. Sure.

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Avery Voyeur
Noble Member
Avery Voyeur(@avery-voyeur)
8 months ago

So crass behaviour gets a crass parody to the tune of Willie and the Hand Jive by Johnny Otis.

Well I know a girl who grabbed a willie
This  Granny-ho, is a real hillbilly
Went full-on nuts during Beetlejuice
And her date was squeezing her boobs too

Now how can you ever stoop so low?
As to give a hand job at a public show
Her date promised Granny-ho a dime
If she give him a hand job one more time
Hand job, hand job, hand job
Strange place for a hand job

The pregnant lady in the seat behind
Asked Granny-ho if she wouldn’t mind
Not endangering her unborn child
By vaping like it’s going out of style
Hand job, hand job, hand job
Stop giving public hand jobs

Granny-ho got mad, and just said “NO!
I’ll do what I want to, at this-here show.”
I’m only pro-life when it suits my need
So I’ll let your fetus inhale my weed
Hand job, hand job, hand job
I’ll keep it up with the hand job

Well Granny-ho just denied it all
“Im a Republican” was her call
She can’t deny what we can see
‘Cause the proof is on CCTV
Hand job, hand job, hand job 
Giving her date a hand job

Well that young momma wasn’t having that
Had Granny-ho ousted with the democrat
When you’re in a crowd can you please not vape?
And don’t give hand jobs to your date
Hand job, hand job, hand job
Stop giving public hand jobs

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8 months ago

When I saw the vaping my thoughts went to Bill Clinton when he said he had smoked but did not inhale and then the hand job footage prompted me to remember Bill when struggling with trying to define the word sex. I remember the republicans went bezerk I was a young man with a family then and was doing fine as was everyone that wanted to work. No war and a balanced budget but then gingrich and his cronies somehow convinced my hypocrite neighbors that Bill was the anti-christ and things sort of went sideways after that. Through out my life I have pretty well figured out our relation to success is directly related to where our priorities are at any given time. Nasty newt gingrich was revealed to be a hypocrite and scumbag but he had twisted my red neck bible thumping neighbors priorities to the point that a balanced budget was not important if Bill was getting a blow job and those same neighbors support this piece of crap PAB twice impeached turd trump and would push their wives and daughters and mothers and grand mothers forward and scream and beg please grab her crotch first sir bonespurs.

Noble Member
8 months ago

Boobert knows all the lines
“I’ll eat anything you want me to eat. I’ll SWALLOW anything you want me to SWALLOW. But, cum on down and I’ll…Chew on a dog!”

Noble Member
8 months ago

“Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.”
— Beetlejuice

Noble Member
8 months ago

Dammit! Wish this joke was mine.

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