Cognitive Decline? Trump Mixes Up Autocrats Who Love Him


The gaffe says quite a bit about the fascists in Donald Trump’s rolodex.

“The gaffe says quite a bit about the fascists in Donald Trump’s rolodex.”Donald Trump blundered the name of one of his international friends during a campaign speech on Monday, mispronouncing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s name as “Viktor Orbán”—prime minister of Hungary.The gaffe underscored a worrying detail about the 2024 GOP presidential candidate: clearly, Trump has too many adoring fascists in his rolodex to keep them straight.”

Read the whole story on The New Republic:

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Noble Member
8 months ago

Quite the PAB he holds his own with other fascists. And his enabling crowd goes wild, weird and dangerous creepy creatures that they are.

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