Disbarment Trial Wrapped Up

As expected, Eastman’s disbarment trial concluded today. Written briefs with a double spaced 75-page limit are due Nov 22nd. Judge Roland will then enter a ruling. I’m thinking it’ll happen sooner rather than later. Each side has the opportunity to appeal. Hopefully, neither will.

Yesterday, Judge Roland made a preliminary finding of culpability. Today’s testimony highlight for me was another issue to ponder. That was the aggravation testimony which gives opportunity for witnesses who had testified earlier in the trial to share harm received as a result of Eastman’s words and actions. It was harsh to listen to and Eastman sat stonefaced during the damaging testimony of 3 State Bar witnesses. I wondered what his thoughts were during those disturbing sagas presented.

If determined culpable, aggravation testimony allows increased punishment over what a Notice for Disciplinary Charges (NDC) would typically bring. Eastman is facing 11 charges of violating CA Business and Professions Code section 6106 by making false and misleading statements constituting acts of “moral turpitude, dishonesty, and corruption” per the State Bar NDC. To be clear, the California Bar alleges that Eastman advanced an attack on democracy to block the peaceful transfer of power in an attempted overturn of the 2020 Presidential Election.

It’s been a long haul, after 33 days of testimony from the way back June start date. I may be off a day or so on that count, but would say with certainty, it was a mostly pleasant journey that both challenged and rewarded me with much insightful gained respect for a functional legal system portrayed along the way.

Contemptible traitor John Eastman is the winner, winner, chicken dinner. I’m confident that he will receive a FAFO guilty as sin verdict with the biggest bite of you’re accountable now bitch penalty the State Bar can offer.

And really, the show has just begun. Eastman was given several delays to accommodate his needs throughout this trial, including his gotta fly to Georgia for RICO getting booked business. Eastman’s legal troubles obviously continue, headed for an even bigglier rude awakening served up next from Fani.

Will Eastman flip on the orange maniac for a lighter sentence? I wouldn’t mind for the happy day it would bring, with a caveat, though, that he goes to prison for a good long stint, even with giving a guilty plea. He’s 63 now, lock him up for a not unreasonable 20 years. At 83, he would perhaps be less inclined to wreak havoc on democracy with high level involvement in another fascist march!

To be so kindly indulged in sharing detailed info about Eastman’s nitty-gritty on SAV and FAFO Chronicles has been a joy and a pleasure. I’ve not been as timely as I would have liked and still want to wrap up my writing by dropping a few more fun details regarding the trial when my time to do so allows. Being short on words is not my claim to fame especially given all the bullshit laid out, but I’ll try.

Of note is that the court isn’t quite finished yet. Today Judge Roland set a Zoom time for next Wed to complete the exhibit list adjustments and finally end the trial proceedings. It’s all good.

In the meantime, here’s another up and coming FAFO related read.

It Just Got Worse—Again—for Donald Trump

A judge has preliminarily found coup-plotter John Eastman culpable of trying to overturn the 2020 election results. Will he be the next MAGA minion to flip?

“Trump is a cornered animal. As the walls close in, he is going to go insane. Nothing in his pampered life has prepared him for the reckoning that’s coming his way.”


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Famed Member
7 months ago

Thank you for keeping track of this circus act on our behalf!

Noble Member
7 months ago

You have done a wonderful job bringing this to us. I am not too good at looking for information but I try to adapt to this computer world. I cannot relate to you and all the others on FAFO and SAV how much it means to be able to read your listings etc. Thank you as it would take me so much time to find what you guys make so easy and this eastman dude is one I want to get his just dues.

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