It just keeps getting worse for the Donald – “Mark Meadows reportedly testified to grand jury after receiving immunity.”

“Donald Trump’s former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows testified to a federal grand jury about efforts by the former president to overturn the results of the 2020 election after receiving immunity from special counsel prosecutors, ABC News reported on Tuesday… 

The cooperation of Meadows in the criminal case against Trump would be a victory for the special counsel, Jack Smith, because Meadows was among the closest advisers to Trump in the post-2020 election period and had direct knowledge of virtually every aspect of the charges.”

Read the full article:

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Noble Member
7 months ago

tRump has more flippers than a scuba shop.

tRump has more flippers than the pinball hall of fame.

tRump has more flippers than a cheerleader competition.

tRump has more flippers than a dolphin movie series.

tRump has more flippers than a coin toss study.

Noble Member
7 months ago

Keeps getting better every day. Ellis just started crying as she pled guilty and said she was a lawyer and a Christian. Don’t see how she has not been struck by a big ball of crap from the sky to utter such non-sense.

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