Kevin Finds Out

Martin Sheen to Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy is mystified as to how it’s possible that the result of selling his soul to weasels and lunatics who promised to kick him out on his ass, was for him to get kicked out on his ass at the first opportunity. It’s shocking, just shocking. Who knew? Not at all predictable.

Now, as hysterically funny as it may be to watch McCarthy FAFO in front of a worldwide audience, even more comical is the behavior of chief weasel, Fivehead Gaetz. Fivehead spent several minutes on the House floor excoriating McCarthy for having the temerity to join with Democrats to pass a resolution, because anyone who does that is an enemy of the people. After his speech, Fivehead proceeded to join with Democrats to pass a resolution to oust McCarthy, proving, by his own logic, that he is an enemy of the people. He didn’t just side with a handful of Democrats, but with every single one of them. Turncoat.

Now bear in mind that McCarthy could have saved his job… easily… by making a deal with the Democrats that would have included simple and reasonable concessions such as canceling the Biden impeachment inquiry, something McCarthy approved only to appease the people who were trying to oust him. Sadly, McCarthy is too much of an incompetent imbecile to recognize his opportunity. Like a good Greek tragedy, McCarthy’s demise was the direct result of his central character flaw.

Meanwhile, Neville Chamberlain phoned in from the grave to express his gratitude to McCarthy for finally overtaking his reputation as the most feckless, spineless politician in modern history.

[Edit note: After typing the above, I just heard on TV that McCarthy actually invoked Chamberlain during his post-ouster press conference, apparently oblivious to the irony of the invocation, as he missed the point of mindless appeasement of monsters.]

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Noble Member
8 months ago

Confushus says: “He who lie down with face-eating leopards wake up with no face. “

Noble Member
8 months ago

There have been several thoroughly unpleasant republican Speakers, this is just one.

Now the magas want trump ……….. they would do it if it was possible.

Famed Member
8 months ago


Insane People 02.png
Noble Member
8 months ago

Drunken lemmings just looking for a cliff.

Noble Member
8 months ago

Stupidest man to ever hold the office.

Noble Member
8 months ago

Only the 3rd shortest tenure as Speaker of the House. McCarthy can’t even be first in that dubious distinction.

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