“My name is Inigo Montoya. You keel my country. Prepare to die.”

What does Donald Trump have in common with The Princess Bride? Is he bold, daring, smart, cunning, or strong? No, no, no, no, and no. Has a beautiful woman ever considered him her True Love? Hahahaha… no. Is he the head of the Brute Squad? Yeah, kinda. He’s also a Rodent of Unusual Size.

But more importantly, he is the Six Fingered Man.

Yesterday, Trump posted an image on his Truthiness Social platform, presumably in an attempt to appeal to his Evangelical base. The image shows him in humble, devout prayer to whatever god he worships (probably himself), sitting in a pew with hands clasped, perhaps meditating on a couple of Corinthians, and… wait a minute… the man has six fingers!

This can only mean that the image is not a photograph, but an image generated by AI. This is confirmed by observing the cheap shiny suit, in which he would never be caught dead. (He also wouldn’t be caught dead inside a church, but that’s beside the point.) There is also the fact that he is sitting backward in the pew, which seems impossible – he’d have to have his butt on the kneeling board and his knees on the ground under the seat.

Posting an image that he knows to be fake in an attempt to deceive the faithful is an inherently dishonest act.

Will anyone let Evangelicals know about this deliberate act of Bearing False Witness, and breaking a sacred Holy Commandment? Will they take note that this is the act of a False Prophet, as foreseen in Revelation as the work of The Great Deceiver and the Father of Lies?

It’s a very anti-Christ-y thing to be doing, don’t you think?

Need more proof? He has 6 fingers on his left hand, 6 fingers on his right hand, and an IQ of 6.

You be the judge.

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Noble Member
4 months ago

It’s all so freaking bizarre to know people revere this bullshit fraud of a godly man. Seems his minions are living in The Twilight Zone, but it’s real life and we’re all paying the price.

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