News Flashes: Trump is Liar, Trumptards are Stupid, Water is Wet

Donald Trump, former president who holds a perfect record in being rejected by voters in every election, did what all GOP politicians do when speaking in Texas: he pandered to Big Oil. He did so in grand style, vomiting up lies through the folds of his neckgina (scientific name: labius vulgaris). And he did it in the most transparent, cowardly way possible – by attacking California, a state he will lose badly no matter what he says or does, at the expense of the wellbeing of Americans and homo sapiens as a whole. What matters to Donald is that he feels like he owns his enemies today, tomorrow be damned. He’ll be dead within ten years anyway, and everyone left behind are just losers.

“They want to go all electric”, he declared, accidentally almost telling the truth. Sadly for him, he continued to flap his labia, guaranteeing a stream of lies, to wit:

  • “We don’t have enough electricity to cool down California in the summers.” – 100% false *
  • “Did you see, they had blackouts all over the place this summer?” – There were zero blackouts this summer. Also, zero brownouts.
  • “It was a disaster.” – Must be referring to the Texas electrical grid.
  • “The winter’s no good … the whole thing is crazy.” – Winter in California is… chef’s kiss.
  • “‘Let’s go all electric, but we don’t have enough electric to take care of somebody’s air conditioner in California.’” – Many people are saying so, or something.

What Donald appears to be bloviating about is that California law will require all new car purchases to be electric vehicles by 2035. To the extent that most electricity is generated by fossil fuels, this should not be a big concern for Big Oil as they can continue to puke all over the planet in the name of profits. However, California is also pushing hard on renewable electricity sources. For example, all new homes are required to have solar panels. So if Donnie really wants to appeal to Big Oil, he should be attacking solar power rather than electric cars.

“California didn’t experience any outages this year because of a load imbalance. We haven’t since 2020,” Erin Mellon, spokesperson for California Gov. Gavin Newsom, said in an email on Friday. Mellon added, “We’ve drastically expanded our clean energy portfolio, and recently CA hit 6,600 MW of battery storage – enough for 6.6 million homes for 4 hours.”

I am Big Oil’s worst nightmare. My solar panels have been generating a net surplus of energy to the grid for five years now, and will continue to do so longer than I expect to draw breath. I haven’t paid a dime for electricity or gasoline in that time, and I’m certainly not sweating blackouts. Meanwhile, Texas is having just a few issues with its grid, and Trump’s sham business empire is decaying faster than Steve Bannon’s face and will be under water sooner than Mar-a-Lago.

* To be sure, there are challenges with transitioning to non-ICE vehicles and renewable energy in general. However, the challenges resulting from not doing so are far, far worse.



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Noble Member
7 months ago

It’s like there is a parallel universe when we listen to his gibberish. We never see said universe but there is @ 25 % of the USA that seems to say:” Oh yea I was there and you are telling the truth” your shit–shness”.

Noble Member
7 months ago

No doubt his audience lapped it up, oblivious to the fact that Texas has the screwed up energy infrastructure, not California.

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