Three top officials back down from Never Back Down campaign.

Just days after future president Gavin Newsom mopped Sean Hannity’s floor with Meatball Ron DeSantis, another three top officials of the DeSantis Never Back Down campaign have backed down.

Acting CEO Kristen Davison, communications director Erin Perrine, and director of operations Matt Palmisano have bailed from Never Back Down, less than two weeks after the previous CEO, Chris Jankowski, cut and ran.

Newsom’s prediction seemed eerily prescient: “Joe Biden will be our nominee in a matter of weeks,” Newsom said, “and in a matter of weeks, Sean, (Meatball) will be endorsing (stupid fat orange fraud turd) as the nominee for the Republican Party.”

It’s not clear what the next move is for Meatball, but his best option might be to pull on his white waders and head to Disneyworld with his family.

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