Trump interrupted an Oval Office briefing to ask why he should “give a fuck” about the fate of Kurds in Syria.

Cheney, Kinzinger says, was also part of a small group invited to the White House to support Bolton’s attempts to get Trump to focus on the Kurds in Syria, US allies in danger of being abandoned to face Turkish aggression as the president sought to pull US forces from the region… The Kurds had fought and died for us in Iraq, said Bolton. They were continuing to provide great insight into politics in the region. Nothing we said worked.”

“Trump’s resistance to briefings and often vulgar outbursts have been exhaustively reported. For just two examples from the realms of foreign policy, he was memorably reported to have called Haiti and African countries “shitholes”, and, after leaving office…”

Read the whole story here:

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Famed Member
8 months ago

Trump advisor: “Sir, if we don’t take immediate action, something will happen to millions of people!”

Donald Trump: “Are any of those millions of people named Donald Trump?”

Trump advisor: “Well, no; but…”

Donald Trump: “Then I don’t give a shit! Go away and stop wasting my time!”

Active Member
8 months ago

Seriously, he’s just such a moron . Just, just ….ugh!

Noble Member
8 months ago

Thanks for the story. Not typically am I at a loss for words as right now. I’m so very disgusted by this embarrassment of such an inept repulsive man and his freak supporters.

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