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Lee Lang
Noble Member
Lee Lang(@lee-lang)
7 months ago

If it’s a choice between the slightly doddery but sane and decent guy and the GOP clowncar of wannabe dictators, lunatics and grifters gimme the old guy any day of the week.

Famed Member
7 months ago

This old coot, Hindenburg, was the last man standing between Hitler and worldwide catastrophe. He appointed Hitler as Chancellor, and as the only man able to take that job away from him, Hitler feared him. Then he died a year later at age 86 and there was nobody to stop the lunatic and his cultists.

Thankfully, Biden is not daft enough to appoint Herr Drumpf as VP.

Famed Member
7 months ago

That reminds me of when the right attacked Al Gore for being “boring”. First of all, it wasn’t true. Second of all, even if it had been true, is “boring” the worst thing they could say about him?

The USA would have been much better off with a “boring” Al Gore presidency than it was with the “excitement” we had under Bush-Cheney: the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the war in Iraq, and the unconstitutional surveilance of American citizens. Give me “boring” any time!!!

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