I’m pretty depressed because I can’t access SAV anymore. For some reason my old password quit working. OK. So no problem I just clicked the “Forgot Password” button and created a new password. The new password works but then I got an email saying as soon as I was “approved” by the site administrator I would be able to access the site. I have never been approved. Sad days. Someone give me an update on SAV.

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Active Member
7 months ago

By the way, surely someone has a throwaway account, or will let you use their account if they’re through with it. Not sure if you can change anything, but in your signature pic, you could put “I’m really SissyLue!!” If you want to go in and look around, you can use my name and password, but don’t post a picture of some old coot, naked, and say, “This is me, Oldcoot!! See, I really am. ” BUT, you can say this is SissyLue, using oldcoot’s account to ask for help or a user account I can use” Something like that.
Or, if you prefer, give me the go-ahead, and I’ll ask on your behalf.

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Active Member
7 months ago

If the SAV site breaks, will there be anybody to fix it??

Famed Member
7 months ago

I finally have it figured out! Thebias is Vaxman!

Lee Lang
Noble Member
Lee Lang(@lee-lang)
7 months ago

It’s slowed to a trickle which is not a surprise given it hasn’t been updated in months. People can only look at Laura Loomer’s nostrils for so long.

Famed Member
7 months ago

I think that the problem is that the SAV site administrator is no longer administrating. No one has heard from him in months.

This site is going to grow and grow, and I hope you’ll soon get as much enjoyment here as you did there.

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