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x-ray Mike
Noble Member
x-ray Mike(@x-ray-mike)
5 months ago

Anyone who harbors the least concern about Biden should watch his Valley Forge speech. The man is ON FIRE. In response, Trump mocked him for stuttering on the word democracy. In actual fact, Biden said democracy 29 times during the 33 minute speech, and did not stutter once. Dark Brandon is back. Note that even if you are not American (I’m not) this speech is truly worth watching from beginning to end. The only time he missed a word was in calling Trump “What a sick…”. You know he wanted to say it.

Erstwhile Lurker
Active Member
Erstwhile Lurker(@erstwhile-lurker)
5 months ago

Thank you for sharing this well constructed article.

Last edited 5 months ago by Erstwhile Lurker
Famed Member
5 months ago

Thank you for this article. Now, if only we can count on the Supreme Court to be as sensible as the author, we’ll be okay. If they don’t draw the same conclusion, we will know that the highest court has been usurped by the fascist insurrectionist and will hand-deliver a dictatorship. Should that occur, there will be few options left on the table.

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