FAFO: MAGA Meltdown

Immoral sociopathic scumbag Alex Jones lets out a “war cry” and sobs like a baby over the emerging reality that he must liquidate his interest in “InfoWars” to pay $1.5 billion in restitution to the families of Sandy Hook victims, for his relentless, terroristic, bombastic lies and attacks. His toadies encourage his “war cry” because it’s “inspiring” to them. Meanwhile, no remorse is expressed for his victims, only a desire to find a way to hurt them further.

It’s all about “winning”, isn’t it, fatboy? It can’t be about atoning for slandering mercilessly slaughtered children, and further traumatizing their families.

You know what’s sad and scary? That so much of the MAGA base gets its “news”, talking points, and general demeanor from psychotic weirdos like this.

You want proof there is no god? Or, if there is one, it isn’t good? Innocent little children are murdered, while this sorry fuck gets to live, collect millions of dollars at their expense, and he has a devoted following of millions of people, most of whom consider themselves True Bible-Believing Christians.

If Jesus was for real, he’d take one quick look at this sorry waste of protoplasm, snap his fingers, and send him straight to Hell where he belongs.

Transcript for posterity:

Toady: “Can you muster a war cry?”

Alex: “Psshhh! It’s a big joke.”

Toady: “It’s not really, though. I mean it is, but it isn’t. It’s also inspiring.”

Alex: [mumbles unintelligibly – perhaps as an unholy demon enters his body]

Alex: [closes eyes] “It’s my resistence to them… It’s God’s transmission as a human under attack… [clenches fists] ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHYIIIIIIIIIIIII! [eyes bug out] ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH … [eyes seek out camera]  … EEEEYIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

Alex: [sobbing hysterically] “We’re gonna beat these people… boo hoo hoo hoo… I’m not trying to be dramatic [gender switch squeal] but it’s been a real hard fight… [whimper] … and these people hate our children!”

Imagine what it would be like if he was trying to be dramatic.








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Noble Member
7 days ago

Beyond disgusting, a cowardly creepy being, as are his followers, the whole lot. Zero minutes of peace during his remaining days would be too generous. Pain like he bestowed, a wondrous variety of hell on earth burns delivered to him every day would be a just a start to what he deserves.

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