Drunken daughter of anti-vaxxer has-been spoils Dolly’s party


Elle King is the daughter of former sort-of comedian Rob Schneider, who is least known for comedy and best known as an anti-vaxxer kook and vocal supporter of (shock) Robert Kennedy Jr.

King apparently is a singer. I’m not familiar with her work, but it seems she is successful enough to have been invited to a bash being held at the Grand Ole Opry  to celebrate the 78th birthday of classy and cool humanitarian chick Dolly Parton.

We shouldn’t be surprised based on her picture, but King decided to show up fully shitfaced and to take a wrecking ball to the festivities. King was supposed to sing a Parton song, but was so blasted she could not remember the lyrics. “I’m fucking hammered”, she declared on stage. “I’m not even gonna fucking lie. Y’all bought tickets for this shit? You ain’t getting your money back.” Charming. It’s especially quaint when a show biz brat born in Los Angeles and raised around New York with her dad puts on the “y’all” and “ain’t” affectations of Southern rednecks.

The Schneider family may be anti-vaxx, but they apparently aren’t anti-needle, as we can see with Elle’s ill-advised neck tat. And while I’ve heard of tit-for-tat, in her case she has a tat for tit.

Maybe Dad should have spent a little less time developing his anti-vaxx views and a little more time attending to his troubled, skanky-hoe daughter.

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Famed Member
4 months ago

I remember Rob Schneider’s hit movie from some years back: “The Stapler”!

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