Nostril Flare Up!

Our old friend from SAV, Laura Loomer, still has not managed to do the decent thing and drop dead. Instead, our favorite Cheeto fellator is using her keen political intellect to weigh in on the qualifications of Tom Emmer to be nominated for Speaker of the House. As featured today on CNN:

Given serious insight like this, I think the wise move by the House GOP would be to nominate NostrilDumbAss as Speaker, thus officially ushering in Idiocracy. Her first bill can be to change their name from the Republican Party to the Idiocrat Party. There’s even merch available with an elephant logo:

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Noble Member
7 months ago

Being on SAV is the greatest accomplishment for her. She has helped so many to avoid being like her and just what her actions has caused her nostrils to become.

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