Disease X is coming, and with it the next global pandemic, scientists warn

“Ebola, HIV-AIDS, rabies and COVID-19 have all spilled from animals to humans — and show us the kind of health threat we must be able to fight.”

“Adding to the potential sources are rising global temperatures that could unleash zombie viruses held frozen for thousands of years in the permafrost.

Populations don’t have to live in tropical zones or hot spots to risk exposure, since the main drivers of the next Disease X pandemic seem to be land usage change, deforestation, population growth, and activities such as wildlife trade, where “humans come in contact with ‘new to us’ pathogens…”


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Noble Member
7 months ago

desantis will not believe this at all. Fake news and all.

Noble Member
7 months ago

There will inevitably be another pandemic. That’s just a fact of life.

There are things we can do to reduce the risk of a newly-emerged virus crossing the species barrier, and the risk of it spreading quickly. Whether we *will* do them is a big question. After all, money *must* be prioritised above all else!

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