A right wing, overweight, populist, loudmouth, with comical hair wins election in Argentina. Good thing that can’t happen in, say, the US or UK.

Javier Milei defeats non-insane man with decent hair in Argentina. Where have we seen this movie before? I guess when it comes to hair, black is the new orange.

Admittedly, Argentina is a mess. But this is like fighting COVID by injecting yourself with cancer cells.

At least we know Alec Baldwin will be able to play this guy on Saturday Night Live.

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Lee Lang
Noble Member
Lee Lang(@lee-lang)
6 months ago

Their economy is absolutely fucked so they are grasping onto someone, anyone who will offer something different. Given that he’s another populist which means simple solutions to complex problems I expect that they’ll be calling for his head within a year.

Last edited 6 months ago by Lee Lang
Famed Member
6 months ago

Electing insane people seems to be a worldwide trend!

x-ray Mike
Noble Member
x-ray Mike(@x-ray-mike)
6 months ago

Trump with a wig.

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