How Trump punished governors during the covid pandemic

I hope everyone remembers this!

During the first year of the covid-19 pandemic, the virus was infecting and killing thousands of people per day and the vaccines were not yet available. Many hospitals in the United States had a shortage of personal protective equipment and ventilators. Then-President Donald Trump had access to PPE and ventilators and the ability to ship them to the states in which they were in short supply. However, Trump publicly stated that he was withholding the PPE and ventilators from certain states because he was angry at those states’ governors.

When that situation was current, I made this meme about it:

I’m digging up this meme and re-posting it because I don’t want Trump’s heinous inaction to be forgotten!

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Noble Member
6 months ago

That is a perfect meme for today also. Thank you for posting. He does so much shit folks seem to forget most of it and remember only what applies to them at the time. Can you imagine such an evil asshole having the power of life and death over any other person such as vets and old folks or children or anyone as far as that goes. I find myself more and more thinking of Jimmy Carter and the way he was treated and how we ended up with senile reagan and his trickle down economics. Life changed it seems as at that time I started to realize how easy it was to fool folks into believing anything. I was in my 20s and it was a rude awakening that so many people were so stupid. The shit that happened on Carters watch was not something he caused or that he could control. I hate politics so much but if we don’t pay attention and vote we are in trouble. We certainly can no longer count on our neighbor to have the common sense to pick the person to make our decisions in Washington or on any level. With the internet to use to look up and consider and think about and study the choices before we vote there is no excuse to elect anyone as shitty as pab.

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