DarKarma Introduction

Hello, I’m DarKarma. I reside in an undisclosed location, down a lava tube right here on the top floor of the UpSideDoWn (technically referred to as ‘the Basement’ by You-Know-WHo. It’s closer to the surface so I can have quicker access to my Karma duties. Ya know like placing an ice-filled but half-drank Super Big Gulp cup right on the street corner where T3d Cruz is about to walk to the Capitol building? I kiid I kid! T3d has a Contract with the Bossman so he is invisible to me. That’s cool…

I have to hide out down here because I’m an oldschool crusher of the Deserved online. I’m an A-hole, but have Sworn to only use my Powers for Good. Swatting psychos can be a little dangerous, but somebody’s gotta do it. My lavatube doorway turns out to be a One Way door, so I’m not worried. Did that sound homophobic? No I mean the actual entrance to the UpSideDoWn. [sigh] Jeezum Crow …Apologies again [eyeroll_emoji.jpg]

[/schtick off]

First I’m from SAV. and I developed this Avatar to swat trolls as I came out of Lurker mode. Good times. Then the idea blossomed and I spent hours cranking the angles in posts. Come on …Eve’s Apples in bulk, hah that’s good stuff. All the infrastructure problems with WIX/SAV caused me to start cut/pasting all my posts locally on my PC. After 3 years I have quite a bit. The story has legs and I’m already ‘published’ over on Ko-Fi. All Artwork is mine and I give you some YT music to listen to while you read


You can see how often I post (weekly) and maybe even gimmie a tip! {subliminal_fla$h.gif}

For any new people reading my posts, I always make it clear when I “go DarK”. These are jokes people. My little “Storytimes” are played in Character because it bends the perspective and allows for another way to look at something. Staying in character drives the suspension of disbelief and is necessary for the schtick to hold. I don’t believe I have any “powers” or access to your private truths, that’s just the bit. It’s had some humorous affects on Trolls over on SAV though. ‘Disappearing’ trolls is an old hobby.

In person I’m the nicest person. I also understand DarKarma is very dark and weird, Satanic even. Remember it’s a bit. I’m a student of Science and an atheist, but I have also seen the Good and the Evil MAN can deliver. There’s no need for a god or a devil to explain my experiences …it’s Humans, stupid. Part of the “Bit” is placing the blame and consequence on the Ones who *chose*. In this imaginary universe (Karma) the Good are rewarded and the Bad are punished. I *hate* this communique because it’s the same as explaining jokes at a Stand-Up. Hey? Your Belief is supposed to be Suspended, making this a buzzkill …so you won’t see it again. Most of you already know, so.. Much Love. [heart_emoji.png]

We all know the Belief there is an actual being who’s job is ‘Karma” is NOT true! …but *I* wish it was! So now you know me. Since I know it can come across a little nutso, I place little markers for those needing a Trigger Warning (/s) So if you see a Demon head? ? It’s scary storytime bitches! …and hopefully some chuckles ..and a fresh look from the “Upside Down” That’s it! TL/DR over …I got places to go and people to do~!   https://ko-fi.com/darkarma


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Noble Member
9 months ago

Hahaha! Chapter 4. 😁
Yes, it’s apple-harvest season!
That’s one helluva analogy you’ve got there.
it could happen, I suppose. “Time”, as you say.

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