Are SAV members meanies?

Some people believe that what we’ve been doing for the past three years at SAV is “cruel”. How could we be so insensitive as to laugh at people when they’re suffering from a terrible illness?

Well, what happens when someone tries to be nice to an anti-vaxxer?

Vice President Kamela Harris sent a kind and courteous message to Texas anti-vaxxer Kelly Canon to encourage Canon to get vaccinated. Canon’s reply was “Kindly eff all the effing way off”.

Within months, Kelly Canon got infected with covid and died. I hope most people will understand why I have zero sympathy for that deplorable excuse for a human being; and others like her.

The Kelly Canon example is not an anomaly. Her obnoxious cyber-bullying is typical of most of the anti-vaxxers profiled on the site. The covidiots typically post all sorts of vile, nasty (and sometimes even racist) statements on social media. Then when they’re in the hospital with a life-threatening covid infection, they suddenly act all pious and Christian, and ask for “prayer warriors”.

Being nice to those people gets you nowhere. If they’re only going to tell us to “kindly eff all the effing way off”, we might as well have some fun and laughs when they FAFO.

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Noble Member
7 months ago

Joke is on her cos she’s the one who effed off all the effing way, or at least to the coroner’s van.

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